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Come with me to Copenhagen


Copenhagen is my absolute favorite city. It has just the right size. Not too big, not too small. It is cozy with lots of old charm and it is also very modern with a lot of new projects going on. Plus you can walk, bicycle, ride on the bus or metro to everything in no time! It has been six years since I lived there and much has changed but a lot is still the same. Now, I would love take you on a walk through the old Copenhagen…

You can’t really go to Denmark without trying a “Danish” or “wienerbroed” as they are called in Danish. So lets stop at one of the best bakeries in Denmark “Lagkagehuset” and have a “froesnapper” or “tebirkes” which are some special Danish pastries made of crispy, flaky dough with just the right amount of sweet cream inside.


First we walk down the old cobbled shopping streets in the heart of Copenhagen…



Next we walk through Kongens Have (The Kings Garden) where Rosenborg Castle is located. The was built by King Christian the IV and was used as a summer residence. The castle is now a museum still furnished and with the crown jewelry on display in the basement.

As we exit the park we see the National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst) where I met my husband for the very first time. It consists of an old building from late 1800 with older paintings and a modern addition on the back with modern art.


Now lets go down and have a relaxing walk along the harbor – it is only five minutes walk from here… There is the old Mastekran (The Masting Crane)


And the Opera House…


Copenhagen Opera House

Oh and right behind us is the Queen’s castle “Amalienborg”!




Amalienborg Castle with the Marble Church (Frederik’s Church) in the background

Follow me on the next Copenhagen blog-tour where we will walk across the harbor on the new pedestrian and bicycle bridge to the Opera House and Papiroen which is a new food hall full of modern cafes and small restaurants. We will walk on many other bridges in Copenhagen – big and small ones – and look at the modern architecture there…

Also coming up really soon is a visit to Meyer’s bakery in the Nordic Food Hall, Grand Central Station, NYC 🙂

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