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Realization upon Returning from Denmark

  Just returned from Denmark and I wish I could have brought back all the people and places I love there, the beautiful design and local foods. But upon recovering from travel fatigue I realize that I am bringing home something far more important… a realization you can call it. That every place has its qualities and weaknesses and that being in Denmark is no guarantee for happiness. In fact, I feel happy to see my home in America again, my friends and my town that welcomes me back. Maybe the most important thing I am bringing home is this realization that the perfect country does not exist anywhere. Happiness is more of an attitude to life. An appreciation of what we have and a letting go of the yearning for what we do not have. This is something the Danes, generally speaking, are pretty good at. Taking time to enjoy things and people they love. Doing something joyful and relaxing is important to people of all kinds and ages. It clears our minds, we …

Friday Cake: Lemon Cake

Friday is back and it is time to get in the mood for the weekend and hopefully lots of hygge! These last couple of days the bright Spring sun has been hiding behind grey clouds. So my daughter and I have decided to make a little piece of sunshine in a cake. Here is our lemon cake as yellow as the sun and the daffodils. Its tartness will energize you and bring that Spring vitality back! I love cakes that you have to cut. They just seem more hyggelige because they are ideal for sharing and togetherness – unless you plan on eating the whole thing by yourself of course… My mother-in-law remembers how lemon cake was one of the cakes they had at the coffee table on the farm on Funen in Denmark. The recipe is based on one of those old family recipes and I have just made a few adjustments to it. Originally the cake is baked in a bread form but I think a round cake will give more of that sunny feeling …

Hygge – by a Dane in America

As a Dane living in America I could not be any happier about the recent invasion of hygge to the United States and a lot of other countries! I love American culture and Americans. Especially their openness to new cultures and immigrants and their willingness to embrace what is new and different. But there is one thing I have been missing during the seven years of living here and that is a slower pace, more family time and the ability to just enjoy the moment – in other words: hygge! Many Americans are very busy, their kids are very busy/active and I believe a little more down time would do us all well. This has become of extra interest to me as I am raising my children in America and I want them to be as happy as the Danes. My favorite example of the difference between Americans and Danes is how coffee is mostly “on the go” over here while in Denmark it is typically something you enjoy sitting down, preferably while talking with a friend. I had …

Hygge on On Point Today!

Today’s topic on WBUR’s On Point is Hygge! I cannot WAIT to hear what my favorite radio host Tom Ashbrook (except for maybe Frasier) has to say about Danish happiness and hygge:-)) Here is the link: “Forget Your Troubles, Come On, Get Hygge” On Point So go grab your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy when you get a chance!

A Magical Christmas Night in Tivoli

The old charming amusement park, Tivoli, in the heart of Copenhagen is beautifully decorated for Christmas. We had a magical night there surrounded by “snow”, pretty lanterns, lights, Christmas trees and ornaments everywhere. We bought Danish “aebleskiver” and “glögg” (hot spiced wine) from one of the many snow covered wooden pavilions and enjoyed it outside on cafe chairs with blankets wrapped around us. Does it get any more “hyggeligt”/cozy than this?

A Danish Christmas

Here is a little sample of my Danish Christmas. The old streets of Copenhagen decorated with garlands, lights, hearts and stars. White hyacints and pine cones are important too. But lets not forget the mouth watering marzipan (almond paste) and nougat on coffee tables all around the country… I know bicycles aren’t exactly a Christmas thing but only in Denmark will you see a baby chair that matches the color of the mother’s bicycle! Says so much about the importance of bicycles and design to the Danes.  

Come with me to Copenhagen

  Copenhagen is my absolute favorite city. It has just the right size. Not too big, not too small. It is cozy with lots of old charm and it is also very modern with a lot of new projects going on. Plus you can walk, bicycle, ride on the bus or metro to everything in no time! It has been six years since I lived there and much has changed but a lot is still the same. Now, I would love take you on a walk through the old Copenhagen… You can’t really go to Denmark without trying a “Danish” or “wienerbroed” as they are called in Danish. So lets stop at one of the best bakeries in Denmark “Lagkagehuset” and have a “froesnapper” or “tebirkes” which are some special Danish pastries made of crispy, flaky dough with just the right amount of sweet cream inside.   First we walk down the old cobbled shopping streets in the heart of Copenhagen…   Next we walk through Kongens Have (The Kings Garden) where Rosenborg Castle is located. …