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Postcard from Denmark!

I am so excited! My favorite photographer, Christian West, took some fresh shots from Denmark and they are beautiful! The three photos above are just a little taste of what is to come. Like a little postcard from Denmark. In the following weeks I will be posting about all the exciting stuff going on in Denmark with several new bicycle bridges and newly developed areas in the heart of Copenhagen.

Danish Homes – Coziness and Style

    Danish homes are where “hygge” or “coziness” originates from. Maybe it is the long dark winters that necessitate these homes be full of atmosphere, personality and style. The short winter days call for extra “hygge”, more tea candles, more hot chocolate – and wine – and more time spent together with the family in the home. While there is almost always a big tv in the living room, a coffee table takes center stage. Around the coffee table people have coffee and cake together with friends and family while seated in comfy chairs or a couch. Guests are almost always invited into the living room. For some reason this doesn’t seem to be the case in the U.S. where the formal dining room or the kitchen island/table are the primary places for socializing. I think it says a lot about Danish culture that we like to socialize around a coffee table. We just like to “hygge” with coffee and cake and sit down and relax together. Americans seem to be more “on the …