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Scandinavian Christmas Gnomes

Most of us love the kind of Christmas we grew up with and of course I think that Danish Christmas is the best! There are so many cozy and old-fashioned Christmas traditions throughout the whole month of December in Denmark, many of them originating from old farm life. Like the Christmas gnomes (“nisser” in Danish) that used to tease farmers if they didn’t give them any rice porridge. To avoid nisse-mischief Danish farmers used to put a bowl of rice porridge topped with cinnamon and butter up in the hay loft for their own little gnome. To this day, Danes decorate their houses with little gnomes in December.

Scandinavian Design Made By Trine & Angelica makes the cutest little Christmas gnomes and forest animals. Each little gnome has so much life and personality that they will definitely fill your Christmas with some good old mischief!  The company is owned by a talented Swede and Dane living in America and they design and produce everything themselves. The gnomes cost between $25 and $55 and can be bought at craft fairs in Massachusetts or by contacting Trine and Angelica on email: or


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