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Friday Cake: Coconut Lime Macaroons

This week’s Friday Cake is ideal for Spring or Summer hygge outside on the porch or in your backyard. It is a fresh take on the classic Danish “Coconut Tops”/”Kokostoppe” with lime added to them. I used an adapted version of Mette Blomsterberg’s recipe (see link here: Kokostoppe med lime og marcipan) and a recipe on (see recipe here: Kokostoppe klassisk opskrift). You can see my English version below. Lime and coconut really works well together but more importantly, these Coconut Lime Tops are ridiculously easy to make. Mix five ingredients together, form as tops, bake and dip in chocolate. That’s it. I think this will work quite well for me on those hot and humid Maryland Summer days that are here before we know it.

Once again, my Friday Cake did not come out as perfect as I had seen on pictures but as my husband said: “Brown is where the flavour is”. And he was right – the flat ring of melted, caramelized sugar and coconut that formed around the tops was the tastiest part! It had a nice coconut-lime caramel flavor. So you do not have to cut it off as I was trying to get away with! Yet again, lets embrace the charm of the imperfect! Because hygge is not about looking fancy and perfect. Hygge is when you can enjoy yourself and be fully comfortable alone or in the company of others. With or without burned edges..;-)


Coconut Lime Tops Recipe


250 gram/9 oz sugar

250 gram/9 oz sweetened shredded coconut

4 egg whites

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Finely shredded peel of 1 1/2 organic lime (the other half will be nice in a cooling drink;)

200 gram/7 oz dark chocolate

How you do it:

Mix sugar, egg whites, coconut, vanilla extract and shredded lime peel in a standing mixer. Cover with plastic foil and let the mixture cool off in the refrigerator for about half an hour. Heat the oven up to 390 degrees fahrenheit.

Form the mixture into little round balls, place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and round the balls off to make them top-shaped. You will get about 25-30 tops in total so bake them on two baking sheets. I made my first sheet of tops too big and they couldn’t hold their shape so well. The smaller tops kept the form better.

Bake them for 10-15 minutes till they are a nice golden brown and turn the heat down if they start to look burned. Let them cool off, first on a cooling rack and then in the refrigerator. Meanwhile you melt the chocolate. When the tops have cooled off you dip the bottom of them in chocolate and let them dry upside down. Serve when the chocolate has dried or store them in the refrigerator till you are ready to serve.



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