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Beautiful Maine

Oops it has been a while since my last post! August and September have flown by with family visits and my sister-in-law’s beautiful, fun and magical wedding on the island of North Haven, Maine. With the cool climate, the crisp blue fall sky and the charming clapboard houses it felt like being, maybe not in Denmark, but on the rocky coast of Sweden or Norway – and that is close enough for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will let the photos speak for themselves – they are that beautiful.

In the pictures below I am trying to capture the beautiful arrival scene by ferry from Rockland to North Haven, Maine.


I can’t decide if Maine is more beautiful in rain or shine. As you can see on the photos below we had a stormy and windy ferry ride back home from the island. But after having safely arrived on land, that rocking rainy boat ride almost struck me as more full atmosphere than in the bright sun light. As if rain and storm is just right for that rocky coast.


How can you not become inspired by this place? I am so excited to have found the perfect setting for my forthcoming romance/sci-fi novel about love and art in a world where technology controls more and more of our lives. Where rationality and technology are about to conquer emotions, freedom and our humanity.

And, needless to say: the novel also takes place in Denmark…how could it not ๐Ÿ˜‰



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