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Cape Cod – and a Danish Nursery in MD



We just spent a week in Cape Cod and it was overwhelmingly beautiful with all the cute Cape houses, abundance of flowers and beaches everywhere you go! It is a lot like Denmark where you are never more than two hours (which is very rare) away from nice sandy beaches. The beaches have dunes with wild vegetation and only a few summer houses can be spotted along the shoreline. On the Danish as well as the Cape beaches everything is neat, cute and natural. I saw lots of pink wild roses with a scent that brings me right back to the Danish summer by the sea. Hydrangeas are the predominant flower in Cape Cod and people grow them in large rows in front of their houses or along the road as the impressive flower bed in the photo (above and below). They really know how to make things look pretty up there in the Cape!

Luckily, this weekend my husband and I discovered a Danish nursery “Sun Nurseries” in Woodbine, MD. The owners are Danish and the nursery even looks like a Danish nursery! They have a wide variety of well-priced plants and flowers – not just the ones you see everywhere. I found Geranium and even Heather! And a cute flower called False Aster which looks like a light blue Daisy. All of this is something you could also see in a Danish garden. All I need now is wild roses – and a beach! Ahh what I wouldn’t give to wake up to the sound of waves outside my bedroom window in a cute cedar shingle house on the Cape……..


My dream of a Cape house right on the water. Notice the pink hydrangeas:)





Vacation! Just looking at the sky with my boy… (actually he played with my phone and I got to look at the sky;)

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