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Nyons and the taste of Provence…


Nyons, that’s where we lived and that’s the town to be in. They have local markets – with everything from the classic Provence baskets to locally made sausages, French nougat and rose wine – twice every week. And, a farmers cooperative in a beautiful modern building where they sell local wine, specialties and all-natural beauty products etc. Smart way of giving local businesses a better chance to market their products. France really has a lot to do with eating lots of delicious food and drinking wine from surrounding wine castles…

Nyons also has a local olive mill which is now a store with all those local specialties – olive and lavender soap, French nougat, olive oil and what not.

We actually stayed in a Danish-owned architect designed apartment near downtown. With it belonged a beautiful olive field, gazebo and veranda overlooking the olive field with mountains in the background. This place was such a perfect mix of classic Danish interior design and the beautiful landscape of Provence.




The view from “our” window at Else’s place




Downtown shopping street in Nyons, France. The store on the left hand (Camellia Boutique) with yellow and red flowers painted on the facade was the most fantastic new clothes store. If you like classic pinup girl dresses with a modern touch – and happen to be in Nyons – go there!! I bought three dresses and a shirt and I wish I could buy all my clothes there! Plus the owner, Marie, is super personal and sweet.

I have to admit that it is a little bit of a food shock to return to the US. How can I find bread as good as French bakery bread (or just half as good) and how can I get delicious fresh local ingredients? My first answer has been: the farmers market. Our town’s farmers market has just opened for the Summer and it is a much bigger market than usual with live music and food tastings.  Local farms, creameries, bakeries, restaurants, the local health food store and local breweries are participating. I was able to go home with kale, strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers all freshly picked that morning. I sneaked the kale into my usual “kid smoothie” – and my children drank it just as fast as usual.



Plain yoghurt, frozen blueberries, banana, lime, avocado, water – and freshly picked kale;) Drink up kids!

As for the bread I think there is no other way than to get baking…but we’ll see about that – Summer is pretty hot and humid here!

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