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Back from France

We just came back from a family wedding in Paris and vacation in Provence. It was so exciting and beautiful that I have to write about it even though this blog was supposed to be about Denmark only. But France is Europe…and it was great to be back!

Not really sure where to begin so lets just start with some pretty pictures from the trip…


Paris is beautiful and so is Provence. No surprise there. I am in love with the Tuileries garden, Louvre and the area around the Eiffel Tower – we stayed in hotels both places. And, I want olive trees and lavenders in my backyard ala Provence:)


Dramatic evening sky over Louvre… so impressively big and elegant


View from the Tuileries


Also, there is absolutely no going back to buying bread from supermarkets anymore. Any little French town seems to have at least one “boulangerie” (bakery) and I just have to learn to make bread like that! More to come about Paris and the town where we stayed in Provence…


  1. Jais Knudsen says

    The French bread, their weather and the nice wine is a good reason to visit France. But they speak French, and even after learning that language 3 years in high school, I can hardly ask ‘where is my hotel’. So… I’d more or less stick to Germany, where the language easier for me. They have Berlin with all the good beer, same fantastic public transportation as in Paris, hotel rooms at typically half the price – but no Eiffel Tower. I can live with that. But I miss the ‘pain baguettes’ (the French bread). 😊


    • Haha good point! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has trouble making a full sentence in French… I will also say that Paris is probably best for romance vacation and not so much for small kids…;)


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