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Trip to Cape Cod


It almost looks like a Danish beach – but it is not! It is South Yarmouth Beach on Cape Cod where we went to visit my in-laws last week. The kids insisted on bringing sand toys to the beach. They just couldn’t imagine going to the beach without shovels and buckets and it took us a while to convince my daughter not to bring her swimsuit… They built castles without caring about chilly winds, sand everywhere (like inside the diaper!) and whatever we grown-ups like to care about. We even found a beach with a playground where children can swing while overlooking the beautiful sea! And for me and my Danish mother-in-law it was so refreshing to see the ocean again.

I am not sure why but I found many glimpses of Denmark in Cope Cod – probably because of the cooler weather and the nearness of the water everywhere you go. So refreshing and free relaxation for the mind.


Shells! My daughter collected two bags of pretty shells for her jewelry collection.



Cranberry field in Yarmouth, Cape Cod, March 2016

Right now the cranberry fields are a purplish red color. So beautiful and so Cape Cod!

Heather, heather, heather! I just can’t get enough of heather! I found heather many places in Cape Cod – also in my in-laws backyard. This is the first time I have seen heather on the North American East Coast. For some reason heather blooms late in the Winter in Cape Cod – in Denmark it blooms in the late Summer. Seeing heather again sent my mind right back to the West Coast of Jutland, Denmark, where purple heather covers wide hilly areas near the sea. There are also beautiful forest areas with heather near the beaches of North Sealand where I spent many of my childhood summers. Amazing how a plant can carry so much meaning!

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