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Danish Children’s Clothes

Let me just say it right away – I LOVE Danish children’s clothes!! The designs are so cool and cute and it is practical at the same time. And I just discovered a web shop that sells almost all of my favorite Danish children’s clothing brands worldwide!


Check out the Smafolk and Katvig brands which are my personal favorites with fun prints. Or Melton which offers the cutest hats and mittens in a wool blend that makes them soft and warm at the same time! I love how Danish children’s clothes not only looks good but is designed for comfort and play and for being outside in all kinds of weather.

Copenhagenstyles.com also sells the famous Flensted mobiles and toys for babies and kids.

bObles is a great brand producing toys to develop motor skills and are highly appealing to kids! For some reason the foam material is very attractive to them and when my kids’ friends come over to our house they always want to play with our bObles toys. They look so simple but kids come up with all sorts of entertaining ways to move around with them. The bObles elephant is very popular in Denmark. We have it and it serves as a rocking horse, climber, backrest for kids, foot stool and even coffee table for the adults!

I am definitely going to try out Copenhagenstyles.com – I can see they have great sales…

More photos with cute Danish baby/toddler clothes coming up once I have this week’s laundry done…:)

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