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“Meet the Danes” at the National Museum of Denmark

Here is a great recommendation for everyone traveling to Denmark hoping to experience some of that world famous hygge: The National Museum of Denmark has started a free guided tour series called “Meet the Danes” where you can meet a Dane who will give an insider’s view of the Danes, Danish culture and society. You will get an answer to puzzling questions such as why Danes leave their sleeping babies in prams outside cafes, why Danes bicycle so much, what hygge is all about and whether the Danes really are the happiest people on Earth! On Tuesdays in July you will also be able to enjoy a classic Danish lunch with a Dane in the museum’s historical courtyard. You can read more about these tours via this link: Meet and Eat with the Danes.

I am so excited about this initiative at the National Museum of Denmark as the Danes and their culture are not always easily accessible to non-Danes. Many who travel there, or even live there, find the Danes a bit cold and reserved whereas the opposite is actually true! But, you have to get to know the Danes before they will open up and it takes time. Once you make friends with the Danes you will find that they are very easygoing and extremely fun to be with. So I highly recommend the Meet the Danes tours as a way of getting beyond the surface of who the Danes really are and what their culture is like to live in.


While you are at the National Museum you might also want to visit the innovative new Viking exhibition called Putting a Face to the Vikings. This is supposed to be a beautiful and very lively exhibition with scenography by designer Jim Lyngvild.

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