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Romance When It Is Best


“Cut” is the second novel in Emily Duvall’s “Flawless Series” about love, family and gemstones…

Do you know that feeling where you can’t put a book down and then after you finished you miss it and wish you hadn’t been in such a hurry? That’s exactly how it is for me when I read Emily Duvall’s books. First there was “Inclusions” and now “Cut” about the Cahill sisters and the Harrison brothers. It must be the great mix of well-written romance and suspense combined with very likable and realistic characters. While the men are certainly attractive and the women beautiful no one is just perfect in her books. They all have flaws that make them even more likable and easy to identify with. They don’t always do or say the right thing and that is just what makes me love them even more and feel so good when I read about them – because isn’t it good to be reminded that nobody is perfect and we all make our mistakes…;)

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