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Having been to most of the major cities, Copenhagen is still the cutest, most charming city I know of! And best of all – the bicycles rule! Biking is definitely the way to get around on wide and separated bicycle lanes. This way you don’t have to view the city from behind a windshield and you get a lot of free exercise every day.

Another lovely thing about Copenhagen is all the parks! There are so many places to take a break from busy city life. I can think of at least five great parks in the center of Copenhagen. Among these “Kongens Have” or “The Kings Garden” with Rosenborg Castle in the middle is the most popular and central. It is literally located in the heart of the city. It has a rose garden, beautiful flowerbeds and lots of old trees. In the Summer you can see the city’s residents using it as their own backyard for picnics, parties, sunbathing and soccer games, you name it! This is definitely my favorite park of all time – but it was also here I met my husband on our first date so I am biased…..

Kongens Have/The Kings Garden

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