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Danish Bakery and Restaurant in NYC

I am so excited about the new Danish bakery at Grand Central Station in NYC! It is called Meyers Bageri and is run by one of the best and most famous Danish chefs, Claus Meyer. He recently received nothing less than three Michelin stars for two of his newly opened restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn! As you can see on the photos the bakery is full of charm and atmosphere in the Great Northern Food Hall, Grand Central. My food loving husband was able to go there and had froesnapper and tebirkes – some delicious flaky pastries with just the right amount of sweet cream and poppy seeds on top. He bought a half dozen each for a  wonderful customer of his and reports back they tasted excellent and were just like in Denmark. When I go there within the next month I will definitely try those, plus the cinnamon buns and rye bread and probably much more… Maybe I will just try everything 😉