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Healthy and Hyggelig Cafe in the Heart of Copenhagen

I have been meaning to write a post about Big Apple Cafe for a long time. It is such a cozy/hyggelig little cafe safely tucked away a little below street level so you can sit and watch traffic go by in a cozy basement environment. It has a charming Italian touch to it with rustic stone walls and olive trees. Together with sheepskin throws, tea candles and meadow flowers the interior is a great mix of Italian charm and Danish hygge. The Big Apple is centrally located, right next to Kongens Have (The Kings Garden). There is a relaxed and homey hygge feel to this environment which can be hard to find in the more touristed and “cool” cafes along or near Stroeget (the main shopping street in Copenhagen).

Moreover, the sandwiches are made on delicious wheat-free grilled rye panini and they make the best juices and smoothies there for you. The staff is also super friendly and ready to accommodate the juice or smoothie to your preferences. As a tourist in my old home city I felt very much at home and comfortable in this cafe.

It is such a nice refuge where you can relax and be safely tucked away from the busy city life. The Big Apple is located on the corner of Gothersgade and Kronprinssegade right across from one of the entrance gates to Kongens Have. So after visiting the Big Apple you could head into Kongens Have and relax some more in what you could almost call the collective backyard of Copenhagen. Kongens Have – is a baroque public park connected to Rosenborg Castle – is where “the locals” in Copenhagen meet up with friends, blankets, beer and picnics for informal social gatherings. Or they might go there with a book, bikini (yes the Summer can be warm enough for this!) and a blanket to sunbathe.

One of my favorite things about Copenhagen is all these parks nicely spread out all over the city. H.C. Oerstedsparken, Oestre Anlaeg and Frederiksberg Have are other great parks for relaxing and socializing. And psst, if you are tired of the high cafe and restaurant prices you can just go to a bakery or supermarket to buy a to-go breakfast/lunch/dinner and drink and enjoy it in one of the many public parks. So do as the Danes and have a Carlsberg or Tuborg in the open air for some good Danish summer time hygge! Oops I am getting carried away to the fun days of living in Copenhagen – to get back to the Big Apple cafe, it is also a great place to get some inspiration on how to add a little hygge and charm to your own home.

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