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Hygge is… Watering the Flowers


My toddler son was screaming and protesting – he was not ready to go inside. I let him stay in the backyard longer and he went to get his little blue watering can. As soon as he started watering the flowers he was in a zone of peaceful hygge. I believe he was even humming to himself. It was such a pleasure to watch him that I instantly felt the calm of this hygge event in the warm afternoon sun.

That same evening after the kids were put to bed, instead of cleaning dishes I went outside and watered the flowers. It was a very nice feeling, just being outside on a quiet warm spring evening helping the flowers grow. There is something satisfying about watering plants. Perhaps because it reminds us to appreciate nature and its beauty. It brings happiness and a peaceful patience to watch plants grow and makes us feel like we are doing something meaningful and rewarding. If you truly take your time to enjoy the task of watering it is quite hyggeligt.

Spring and summer can be so full of hygge and I cannot wait for the weather to turn warmer again so I can create hygge nooks in our backyard. And if you are in doubt about how to find hygge and happiness just let children guide you – they seem to know all about enjoying the simple pleasures of nature and being in the moment…


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